Art Stream Videos

How It Works

The Big Screen

We feel very strongly that art deserves to be seen on the big screen. It needs to be viewed and examined up close and farther away to fully comprehend and appreciate it. And visually, the best way to initially notice and get a good impression of art (outside a physical gallery) is by video; since movement, especially when optimized for paintings and photography, is an extremely powerful way catch and retain the eye of a viewer.

Putting still images into motion is not a new concept. It merely gained more widespread popularity with Ken Burns, who used this unique photographic technique to pan across and zoom into points of interest in old documentary photographs. This technique is now known as the Ken Burns Effect.

This book describes how galleries, artists, photographers, and online art services can best promote themselves and their works of art on HDTVs.

It is written for gallery owners and managers, art e-commerce website managers, photographers, and artists looking for a new, cost-effective marketing channel that works with emerging demographic and technological trends.

This book is not about ways to just see art on TVs. For that, there many ways to watch art for free (or almost free) on big screen TVs. However, if you are looking for a way to market art or an art related service on televisions to as broad an audience of art lovers and collectors as possible, this book is for you.

Selling Art Today

Books like “How to Sell Your Art Online” written by Cory Huff are an excellent example of a good how-to book for individual artists and small art galleries to market and sell their works successfully on the Internet. Most of these well-established methods for selling art yourself are now provided (for a fee) by third party services like Art Store Fronts, and others.

But Huff’s book, published in 2016, could not anticipate faster Internet connections, the ubiquity and low cost of higher resolution TVs and cell phones, and the rapid rise of streaming media, worldwide.

Today, most galleries maintain a website to promote their artists, update inventory, keep mailing lists, track monthly visitors, and promote their works on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. Many use cloud-based file management systems and art platforms like FASO to store HD images and associated data for each work from each artist.

With the click of a mouse, buyers can easily purchase original works directly from galleries, or framed or unframed prints (and some originals) from online art distributors like Artsy, Fine Art America, Elephant Stock, and others. (However, some brick and mortar galleries may dispute the success of selling originals entirely online without seeing the original.)

Why Stream Art?

Streaming movies and TV shows have already replaced traditional, aka “linear,” TV. Almost everyone has software built into their TV or an external device or that streams Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, Hulu, etc. on demand to one or more 4K television screens.

Viewers can start, stop, and interact with their screens with remotes and/or cell phones to respond to surveys in real time and use QR codes to visit web addresses and take any number of actions quickly and easily in reaction to what is seen on screen.

What Else is Key?

Similarly, streaming still images of art to TVs is not a new idea. What is new is using the Ken Burn’s Effect to stream short art videos into homes and businesses with onscreen contact information. Marketing art as entertainment on big screens with as little “friction” as possible, has the potential to become an extremely effective new art advertising channel. When combined with analytics, including number of views and where they are located, galleries can reach a much larger worldwide audience and drive more digital and physical traffic.

In 2024, we now have a confluence of: 1) galleries looking for new ways to reach a broader audience of targeted buyers, especially millennials; 2) the evolution of HDTVs and high bandwidth connectivity; and 3) more art lovers, collectors, and businesses with the latest big screens mounted in more locations.

Please check back to this page. We will update and maintain it on a regular basis so we can keep you as well informed as possible as new technologies and related businesses are introduced, like Augmented Reality (AR), block chain, AI art (like DALL-E), and more. We welcome comments and suggestions for new editions. If you have a question, comment, or complaint, please Contact Us

Why not Stream Art as Advertising?

About Art Stream Videos (ASV)

Art Stream Videos

is an art video screensaver plus virtual art gallery for Roku TV – the leading streaming media device. ASV takes HD images, converts them into videos, and streams playlists to art lovers on our Roku TV art channel. We are designed to become the Spotify of the artworld.

Art Lovers

see works of art and photography on TVs in homes and businesses. You can stream one playlist continuously or separately by Artist or by Gallery. Just download our Art Stream Videos channel from the Roku Channel Store. Art Collectors can contact the advertising gallery or artist directly to purchase works they like.

Galleries and Artists

receive visibility on both Roku and Vimeo and get views and other analytics organized by geographic location.

Why Videos?

Movement attracts the human eye exponentially more than still images. This is likely due to evolved behavior from our primitive times. 

Ken Burns used the technique of slow zooming and panning across photographs to produce extremely effective documentaries from still images. Accordingly, ASV uses the same visual concept to attract the eye to works of art. This gives viewers better engagement, so more people actually notice your works. This concept is key.

  • Videos receive 135% more organic reach than a static image according to Social Breakers.
  • Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey estimates that ONE MINUTE of video is equal to 1.8 million words.
  • 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad, according to the Online Publishers Association.

Contact Information

Since we add your contact information to your videos, it brings together everything needed to market your works as compelling visual entertainment on the big screen where it deserves to be seen.

About Roku

What is Roku?

For streaming “reach”, the leader is Roku. Roku is the #1 streaming media device, followed by Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Roku is also one of the top five streaming media “platforms”, alongside Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and Vimeo. Roku is built-in to TVs from multiple smart TV manufacturers including Hisense and recently, Roku itself. Roku is also available as a small plug-in box or stick for well under $100 and include a small, easy to use, voice searchable remote.

What makes Roku unique is that you can play videos from other streaming media services on Roku itself, meaning Roku is content agnostic. You can purchase Rokus at most standard retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy, and Amazon if it is not already built in to your TV.

Why Roku?

Roku is growing at 20% per year, with over 65 million active Roku accounts in the United States as of Q3, 2022. Roku hosts premium channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Paramount+, Disney+, CNN, Max, and many others; playing full-length movies, sports, music, news and weather, comedy, classic TV, and more; enabling many to “cut the cable.”

Roku also includes additional specialized non premium free and paid content on the Roku Channel Store playing channels like Wild Safari, Tasty TV, and hundreds more, including … Art Stream Videos.

Roku Competition

Competition to Roku includes Apple TV and Apple TV 4K streaming players, Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, and Amazon’s Fire TV, including the 4K-ready Fire TV Stick and Alexa-enabled Fire TV Cube.

Roku’s stock price (NASDAQ: ROKU) fell significantly in 2022 along with many other tech stocks but is one of Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF major holdings along with Tesla and Shopify.

Why Choose ASV?

We are a “Big Screen” Virtual Art Gallery

As an art professional you know your art needs to be seen to be sold. No one will buy art unless they know about it.

Contact Information

We link your art to your home page, individual pages on your website, your third party buy site, and/or display your telephone number.

Multiple Playlists

We add your videos to our ASV “Play All” video playlist on both Roku and Vimeo as part of our partnership with OTTfeed (see Key Partners).

We can optionally create your own custom streaming art playlist with only your videos.

Of course, you can also download your videos and use as you please on your social media platform(s).


We currently provide you with 9 separate analytics so you can see where and how many of your videos are being seen. Weekly analytics are presented by state, not only by country.

Our Vision is to provide entertainment for art lovers and a highly effective advertising channel for galleries, artists, and photographers. Our Mission is to create a streaming art gallery for Roku TVs that showcases works using advanced visualization tools. Our Goal is to get more people to see your art.

Key Partners


 ASV co-hosts your videos on Vimeo. There are currently (as of Q3,2022) 260 million+ registered members on this free video sharing platform in more than 190 countries with 42 million users in the United States. What’s more, Vimeo supports higher quality video than YouTube. (Technically speaking they use a higher “bitrate”.) In addition, Vimeo does not interrupt viewing with commercials like YouTube.

Vimeo is a video sharing application that can be played on laptops, cell phones (both iOS and Android), and even Roku-equipped TVs so your Vimeo channel will play across multiple devices, giving your videos extra reach.

Vimeo’s audience demographics consist of 57.10% male and 42.90% female, and the largest group of visitors are from ages 25-34 with 32.40%; next is the age group of 18-24 with 21.68%, and ages 65 and above are the smallest group of visitors with 5.42%. 

Bottom Line:

You get visibility on two streaming media platforms (Roku and Vimeo) for the price of one when you advertise your art on Art Stream Videos.


OTTfeed is our OTT solution platform. They provide detailed video analytics and a content management system that bridges the gap between Vimeo and Roku platforms. This allows us to organize your art videos by artist or gallery and show you where your art is being seen, similar to the way Google Analytics works for web pages.

2Mann Studios

2Mann is our creative digital agency partner based in New York City. 2Mann is responsible for the look and feel of our channel and for implementing new features and designs requested by our clients. In
other words, we can customize our service with OTTfeed to meet just about any specific development requirement needed. “2Mann solves problems with digital solutions. They specialize in OTT, mobile, and web applications. Through their creative and innovative methods, they implement product strategy, design, and development to drive ideas to success with a 360-degree overview of their partner’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is our cloud based back-end platform for rendering videos from still images provided by our advertisers.

Digital Ocean allows us to create (render) multiple videos in parallel on multiple virtual machines. Their “droplet” technology allows us to easily scale across their globally distributed data centers, so we have virtually no video production downtime.

Best Practices for Art Images

What Works

Not all art shows well on the big screen. What works best are more detailed works including landscapes, some abstracts, portraiture, still lifes, and of course photography. Styles can be realism, expressionism, impressionism, pop art, etc. You can provide images of one-of-a-kind works, limited editions, and reproductions. We require high-quality, professionally photographed images or scans.

What does not work are less detailed works that do not change much with panning and zooming. This might include a painting of (primarily) clouds, or subjects that must be viewed only at a distance to appreciate the work.

With Art Stream Videos, you will need to enter the Artist Name; Displayed Contact Info (i.e. gallery named or phone number); Website. This can be the primary URL of the gallery i.e. www., the artist’s main page, or a link to the specific work. If the URL is long, we (or you) should shorten it with bitly; We also require Location (city, state); Gallery Association (this can be an online gallery), Artwork Title, Art Height (in inches), Art Width (in inches), and Medium (Giclee, color photograph, etc.).

For each artist you should optionally provide an artist statement (including headshot) with bio, preferred medium, techniques, style, themes, etc.

Describe the artist’s motivations, his or her connection to the works, and other information written for a potential buyer. For ASV, this should fit on a single page that we will display together with videos of his or her art

Image Sizes and Resolution

TVs have an “aspect ratio” of 16:9, meaning they are wider than they are tall. So, for ASV it is better to provide images that are in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. But both will work, since we pan across and down the image anyway when we produce your videos.

Besides providing sellable, compelling works, the other key to your success on our system is to provide the largest images possible to prevent loss of image quality when zoomed. Images are measured in pixels. For example, modern 4K/UHD TVs have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. We require a minimum resolution of at least 3000 pixels on the smallest dimension. For example, a file that is 9000 pixels wide x 4000 pixels tall is about 36 MB.

If you have a smaller sized image, such those produced by DALL-E, you can upscale it with a variety of tools, including Photoshop, Gigapixel AI, and our current favorite (as of February 2023), imglarger.

Six Alternatives to Show your Art on TVs (Besides ASV)

1. Put Your Art On a Thumb Drive

If you just want to see photographs on the “big screen” you can simply copy images to a thumb drive and plug it into your TV and play your art in a loop in your gallery or office. This is a “quick and dirty” method to show your art on the big screen and costs virtually nothing. You can also “screen mirror” art images from you iPhone to your TV.

Moving up a notch in complexity, you can use Google Chromecast or Apple Air Play to play your favorite photos on your TV. Almost everyone has this available on their smartphone or tablet.

Another more expensive option is to purchase Samsung’s “The Frame” TV. When in “Art Mode” you can display art collections you’ve subscribed to from their art store for $50 per year, or your own uploaded art or family photos. What’s more, The Frame TV allows you to customize the look of your displayed art with multiple digital mat colors, making the TV very closely approximate the look of framed art.

2. Host Your Images on Another Art Channel

Art Stream Videos is not the only “art channel” on Roku. The next section includes those Roku art channels that by our definition:

  • Accept artwork provided by creators or distribution services, and
  • Allow subscribers (paid or free) to access and stream works of art/photography on a Roku TV, Roku equipped TV, or smart TV.

Our Definition of a TRUE “Art Channel”

Specifically, we exclude channels that show paint lessons, art history, or art related movies and documentaries, like ArtBrowser TV and Artista.

Our list also excludes channels like 999 Art and Paintings which display low resolution images of classic art paintings, and do not have any possible means to accept and display works submitted by art galleries or independent artists.

Our list also excludes generic photo channels built to allow you to upload your own artwork (or family photographs) and view as a personalized screensaver at your home or those of your friends. If that is your goal, then you don’t need our ASV channel or any of the services listed next.


Here is ArtCast’s Roku channel description:

Artcast is Art for your TV. Stream 100,000+ works of art and transform your ambiance. From classical masters such as Rembrandt and Monet to contemporary abstracts, video art and much more. Artcast offers a vast, museum-quality collection of fine art to enhance your environment. Customizable settings allow you to control the display duration of each artwork and set music options, artwork titles and mattes/frames to accent the artwork. Artcast offers the largest selection of streaming artwork on Roku. $2.99/month after 7-day Free Trial. Cancel anytime. Website:


ArtCast is available on other devices besides Roku, including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. They include distribution on airlines and hotels and claim over 100,000 works. Categories include Classical Art, Contemporary Art, Photography, Illustrations and Drawings, Nature, Video, History, Travel and Culture, and Special Interest. They also have a few, short, high quality nature videos with music.


Cost is $3.00/mo. to Roku users after a free trial. As of our last review in 2022, ArtCast shows lower quality artwork, at low resolution. Currently, they are mostly still images (not videos), mainly of classical art, some photography, and digital art in a variety of presentations. They do not provide much, if any, contact information to purchase their works of art. Nor do they provide analytics, to the best of our knowledge.

Art Buy

Here is Art Buy’s Roku channel description:

ARTBUY TV network is a platform for the art world to be seen on everyone’s TV screens. Our purpose & huge passion is to: Celebrate art & creativity. Honor artists by showcasing limitless collections. Inspire & Entertain people with ART. Empower & Educate viewers all around the world. ARTBUY TV has the possibility to impact everyone watching. By providing art interaction on a daily basis, and introducing & bringing ART to everyone’s homes, we aim to give viewers moments of optimism & happiness. We work hard to maximize ART access to all. Artfully, Agne. Website:


Art Buy’s Roku channel displays a large selection of still art images for 6 seconds each. They display the artist’s name and title of the work in the last 3 seconds. Art Buy has an Autoplay feature. More importantly, they have a great website whose quality and breadth are not reflected in their Roku channel.


Art Buy displays still images only, no videos. Galleries play randomly with no user control except to advance through the images. Most or all works are from classical or neo classical artists and photographers (like Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, and Frida Kahlo), hence their Roku artworks unavailable for purchase. However, you can purchase a large selection of quality prints from contemporary artists on their website.



WindowSight is a UK-based application that links your cell phone to your TV to allow you to play art and photography on TVs. Strictly speaking, WindowSight is not a Roku “art channel” per se, but if you pay WindowSight (after a free trial) to link your cell phone to any supported TV (Roku TV or otherwise), then you have an art channel. Best of all, WindowSight supports individual artists (and presumably galleries) to upload works of art for promotion on their channel.

They have a “Freemium” payment pricing strategy for streaming on one TV for free, a “Basic” option for 6 Euros per month with “uninterrupted” display, and a 12 Euros per month “Premium” charge for 3 TVs. I was able to get their Free option up and running on my Sony TV in about 10 minutes after downloading their app on my iPhone and downloading an app from the Google Store for my Sony XBR smart TV.


They claim to have a library of over 200 artists and 600 classic paintings, including Monet, Van Gogh, and Pissarro. Art lovers can create their own custom playlist or lists. They encourage artists to participate by paying them a percentage of a user’s subscription fee based on which artists and works are selected for play and how much time is spent on each work. They tag their art and photography so art lovers can search and play by a specific genre, like landscapes or water.


The resolution was low for most of the paintings we saw, but in their defense, source files for most commercially available classic paintings are usually low. Reviews of WindowSight on AppGroves, were surprisingly negative. The complaints have to do with the app crashing and not liking the art dimensions which were not optimized for TV’s aspect ratio of 16:9. However, these reviews were dated December 2020. We also did not see any option to provide analytics to the advertiser/gallery/artist.

Since the works (paintings and photographs) are still images, not videos, they lose the impact and entertainment value that videos can provide. On screen contact information is unavailable ─ you must open the WindowSight app on your cell phone to see what is playing and who the artist or photographer is. Then you can Google the artist to get contact information – an extra time-consuming step. The reach of their channel is low since they don’t (currently) have the support of Roku, although that may change. Therefore, as a marketing tool, it is limited. In that light, WindowSight is more of an entertainment channel than a hybrid entertainment and advertising channel like ASV.

3. Create a Simple Art Channel Yourself with Roku Direct Publisher

Another option to create your own art channel is with Instant TV. With Instant TV, you can select different looks, giving you more flexibility than with Roku Direct Publisher. One advantage of ITVC is that you don’t have to create your own feed code, which can be a significant hurdle for many would be do-it-yourselfers. And you still need a CDN. ITVC costs $100 per month plus the cost of the CDN at our last review.

4. Create a Simple Art Channel Yourself with Instant TV Channel (ITVC)

Another option to create your own art channel is with Instant TV. With Instant TV, you can select different looks, giving you more flexibility than with Roku Direct Publisher. One advantage of ITVC is that you don’t have to create your own feed code, which can be a significant hurdle for many would be do-it-yourselfers. And you still need a CDN. ITVC costs$100 per month plus the cost of the CDN at our last review.


Doing it yourself with either Roku Direct Channel or ITVC is certainly doable by most people with average to slightly above average computer skills. It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to creating your own custom Roku art channel, discussed next. Here is an example of a typical ITVC channel: MUVI


In general, doing it yourself will give less desirable results, period. First, you will have less control of the look and feel of your channel. Second, you will only be able to post still images, unless you can find a quick, easy way to create quality videos and automatically add contact information. You can use Adobe Premier or even PowerPoint to overlay whatever contact information you desire and render the images into videos. Third, you could use Excel to manage status, file locations, and metadata. But if you are a gallery owner/manager file management will eat up a significant amount of your time, as well.

Your art channel will be virtually invisible on Roku unless you spend significant time promoting it yourself. You get Roku’s built-in analytics which does not include localized viewer analytics i.e., by City and State. Finally, you will not have a Vimeo channel, unless you want to pay for a Vimeo Pro version and manage two platforms (Roku and Vimeo) separately or just opt to use one or the other.

5. Create a Custom Art Channel with QuickESign

Yet another option is to create a QuickEsign account, download the app, and upload your art and related images. This gives you a private QuickESign branded Roku art “channel” with your own art.

QuickESign is designed for “digital signage” (see next section). So, with their interface you can create a custom “layout”. For example, you can split the screen between one large image (or video) and, for example, a bottom horizonal “zone” and a third vertical zone that displays maps, news, or weather and twitter “widgets”. You can edit the fonts, background colors, etc. and create a custom a screen design. As such, QuickESign represents a kind of “poor man’s” digital signage since it costs only $5/screen. There are other cost-effective Digital Signage apps that also allow you to create a “channel” for displaying art on your TV. These include OnSignTV, and more.


QuickESign is a viable alternative for art galleries who are not interested in promoting their artwork to the general public outside their direct control. That is, your art will only display on TV screens you manage in your gallery. But you do have total control of your content: how it appears (in part of the screen or full screen), how long it appears. And it is relatively easy to use. The main advantage of this system is that you can upload a new image, or other information to QuickESign and the image will immediately appear on all the screens that have an active, paid QuickESign account.


Since your QuickESign art channel does not appear as a separate searchable, art channel on Roku’s channel store — like Art Stream Videos, visibility of your channel is extremely limited. Cost is $5 per screen, but volume discounts are available. The other problem is that your art is only visible as static images (not videos), so your viewers will not have the same level of engagement as they do with Art Stream Videos.

However, a hybrid solution is to create an Art Stream Videos account, upload your still images to ASV, and then download your finished videos as content for QuickESign. In theory, you could promote your QuickESign channel on social media yourself, and then sell subscriptions to your channel to pay for the cost of QuickESign and ASV.

6. Create a Fully Custom Roku Channel


The most expensive and time-consuming option is to contract with a Roku Channel Developer to build a totally custom channel, like Art Stream Videos or ArtCast. You will have to specify in detail exactly what you want, but you will have total control of look, feel, and organization of your channel. And a good developer can port (rewrite) your channel to other streaming media devices like Amazon Fire TV. Depending on the development team, you may get analytics or not. Depending on the development team, you may get Vimeo integration or not.


Roku channel customization requires very high programming skills (i.e., knowledge of BrightScript, SceneGraph, SDKs, etc.), project management expertise, etc. Development cost is $7K-$10K per device plus the cost of periodic maintenance. Your developer can only use static art images that you supply.

You can create your own custom channel yourself if you have the time, interest, and especially the programming skills. If so, here is a link to building a channel with the Roku software development kit (SDK).

Another problem is that no one will be able to find your new Roku art channel. You must market it yourself on social media to drive traffic. And you will only have Roku’s limited analytics.

Play Art Stream Videos in Hotels and Restaurants

If you are a Restaurant Owner or Hotel Manager you may be interested in playing our “Play All” Art Stream channel playlist in your lobby or waiting areas as entertainment, particularly if you want to associate your brand with art and photography.

You have two choices with Art Stream Videos. You can either:

  1. Play our channel “as is” for FREE on Roku TVs mountedin your lobby or throughout your entire facility as entertainment. Trust us: gorgeous photography and art, especially with panning and zooming, is far more interesting than CNN with the sound off. And you have NO per TV costs with as with other signage.
  2. Or, for a monthly fee, we can integrate your content in a custom playlist. This provides vacation rentals, small resorts, hotels and other venues with sound-free art video entertainment in between your custom content. Your content can be menus, still images, food, local maps, scenery, local entertainment, and other advertisements (with or without sound). For additional information, call ASV at +1-805- 452-4037.

With the second option, you can update your content periodically. Your TVs can be either a standard flat screen HD TVs or a more rugged Commercial TVs depending on the reliability standards you require for your venue.

How it Works

Businesses interested this second option sign up as a “gallery.” Simply provide us with your image or video files. We will integrate your content with our art videos and create your own custom Roku (and Vimeo) playlist. We can create videos from your image files. For example, restaurant menus will likely not be converted to videos, but photographs and related advertising might be. You can use sound as well.

Then play your custom playlist on Roku TVs anywhere in your venue for free. That’s it. If you are interested in this option, please Contact Us or call Art Stream Videos at +1-805-452-4037.

The Three Axioms of Successful Digital Signage are:

1. It must be entertaining: you must have compelling visual content.
2. Second, it must be dynamic, so it does not get stale; and
3. It must be measurable, so you can gauge the success of your investment.
To this conventional list we would now add movement, which is really a part of #1.

ASV Delivers on all Three Requirements

Big screens (TVs, digital billboards, etc.) mounted in lobbies, waiting areas, and other venues with significant foot traffic are far more impactful than cell phone ads. So-called “digital signage” aka Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) has another advantage over cell phones and laptops: there is no ad-blocking software. Plus, your message can run to completion, no scrolling down or changing channels, so all of your messages are served.

Your custom signage channel can be played in any location worldwide, including dentist and doctor’s offices, lobbies, etc. With ASV, you simply mount one or more Roku TVs and play your channel in your venue. There is no extra charge for additional TVs, unlike other digital signage systems.

Options for Online Galleries

Partner with ASV for Custom Development

Are you a large art gallery or online art distributor/ ecommerce platform? Have you considered advertising on Roku?… Art videos?… How about a custom Vimeo playlist?

We can create or prototype a system that meets your specifications. We do everything from rendering, hosting, and managing videos for you. You can have total control or limited control, depending on what you want and the amount of customization and automation you are willing to pay for.

For example, you may want to display a QR code

According to Steve Wilson, Founder of Art Stream Videos, “Custom development can run from the low thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for large databases with extensive customizations”.

Start with “Gallery Premium” Service

A simple way to start is with our Gallery Premium option. You receive up to 36 videos and up to six different “By Artist” playlists. Your videos are visible on both our Roku and Vimeo Play ALL playlists and you get your own custom By Gallery playlist.

If you are interested in this option, please Contact Us.

Next Steps

What are You Waiting for?

There has been a revolution in both small screen technology (i.e. smart phones) and big screen televisions. These new large screen TVs are ideally suited to display digital works of fine art. They are already installed in millions of households, can display high levels of detail, and most are already equipped with streaming media devices that can deliver ‘custom’ channels. The leading device is Roku TV. What has been missing, until now, is a free art channel capable of reaching an unlimited number of art lovers in a way that is seamless; provides the perfect blend of entertainment and subtle art advertising, without mandatory sound; built to attract the human eye and connect a potential buyer to a gallery with as little ‘friction’ as possible.

Roku and ASV have teamed up to bring art videos to Roku TV. Televisions can now supplement art galleries, and galleries can now stream their artwork directly into homes and other location 

All works presented on Art Stream are fully vetted. The result is a stream of quality contemporary and classical art and photography for enjoyment during dinner parties and other gatherings. As background video ‘eye candy’ entertainment, ASV is perfect for boutique hotels and fine restaurants with TVs in prominent locations, for streaming quality, sound free video.

Photography lovers can play Art Stream Videos “By Gallery” or by other playlists using a Roku remote.

Art and Photography Enthusiasts click here to Download our channel to your Roku device or Roku TV. Play in your home or business. Support our art gallery advertisers by purchasing works from galleries you see on Art Stream Videos. This will allow us to continue to expand our services and provide more quality video content for your enjoyment.

OR with your Roku remote, search for our channel.

  • Go to “Search“
  • Enter“art [space] str”. Use the right arrow button to select our channel: “Art Stream Videos“

OR, use your voice. Say “Hey Roku, find Art Stream Videos.”

That’s it. You are ready to watch our channel!

Hotels and Restaurants

Download our channel and play our ‘Play All’ ASV Roku playlist for FREE on an UNLIMITED NUMBER of TVs.

Or Register and Contact Us. Pay a monthly subscription to set up and play your CUSTOM content in our art and photography playlist. For example, you can integrate restaurant menus, videos of upcoming events, etc., with sound, for playback throughout your entire venue.

Physical Art Galleries

Register and contact us to promote your works on Roku TVs. Curently our service is FREE.  Choose between Artist Standard, Gallery Standard, or Gallery Premium options. See your art on both Roku and Vimeo. Get weekly metrics reports.

One way to calculate the effectiveness of advertising money spent is by “CPM” or cost per thousand views (milli) per month. This is a standard metric used in the digital signage industry. It depends on the number of views, which depend on the number of people watching – broadly termed “impressions” in the digital signage industry. The equivalent in the print world (i.e. newspapers, direct mail, magazines, etc.) is the number of subscribers or total circulation.

The average CPM paid for Google search ads is $38.40 and the average for Google display ads is $3.12. For arts and entertainment businesses (this category), the average CPM is $1.60.

At 8000 Roku impressions per month, assuming a price of $149 per month for 12 videos, ASV delivers a CPM of $1.55 per video. That is less than half the cost of Google display ads and hundreds of dollars less than regional print advertising.

Online Art Galleries

We can create a completely custom system that meets your specifications. We render, host, and manage your videos for you or you can do it yourself. If you are interested, please Contact Us.

Why Work with Us


Art Stream Videos is a marketing channel for the big screen. Our motion-based art videos get a viewer’s attention far better than static images. Since we add contact information and viewership metrics, we bring together everything needed to market your works in an exceptionally effective and engaging manner on Roku, the leading steaming media platform (by far). Plus, you get a free video presence on Vimeo which you can market yourself.

Who Sees Art Stream Videos?

All works presented on Art Stream are fully vetted. The result is a stream of quality contemporary and classical art and photography for enjoyment during dinner parties and other gatherings as background video. ASV is perfect for boutique hotels and fine restaurants with TVs in prominent locations for streaming quality, sound free videos. Art enthusiasts and photography lovers can play Art Stream Videos ‘by gallery’ or by other playlists with a Roku remote, with no additional per screen fees, unlike traditional digital signage solutions.

Casual Viewers

who want to display moving art on HDTVs as a fine art screensaver, for example, during dinner parties or small or larger art gatherings.

First Time Buyers

searching for inexpensive originals or limited-edition prints for the home or office; Art Lovers looking to buy original works.


looking for emerging new or established artists as an investment; and

Restaurant Patrons and Hotel Visitors

who randomly encounter your works in lobbies and waiting areas.

Contact Us

by phone: +1-805-452-4037


Register here: Art Stream Videos

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