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What is your Business?

Who are You?

Are you an online art gallery? Are you interested in expanding your marketing to include advertising in a short form video format virtually guaranteed to deliver superior viewership and attention?  Are you a streaming media provider looking to broaden your content library with photography and fine art? Whoever you are, we recognize that your needs are unique.

B2B art video stream

Partner with Us

Art Stream Videos is interested in working with digital content providers to deliver customized solutions with features developed to your specific requirements.

For example, you may want custom metrics, a private Apple TV channel or a private Fire TV channel. Since we are small, we can deliver custom features and integrations. The only limit is your imagination.

What are your Goals?

You may have hundreds or thousands of images to be converted into short videos. Each video can have a custom overlay. For example you may want to display a QR code so TV viewers can visit your website via smartphone. You may want to brand your videos with your logo in the lower right corner of each video. Whatever your needs we are available to develop a solution geared to your business.

Restaurants and Hotels

We are also looking to partner with hotels, fine restaurants, and other businesses who want to provide “eye candy” to their customers in waiting or dining areas.

We can insert your messages, advertisements, menus, etc. in between our art videos. And we provide installation services in many areas.

Physical Art Galleries

With Art Stream Videos, physical art galleries get a custom channel which displays only your artists — with 15, 36, or MORE videos (ask us).

Online galleries typically have hundreds to potentially thousands of videos. Or you can experiment with a smaller subset to analyze your ROI. 

Technical Partners

Technical Partners Art Stream Videos
Since we do all the work, you don’t have to worry about rendering, video compression settings, codecs, frame rates, transcoding, bit rates, matrix coefficients, etc. And we give you analytics so you can measure your success.

So What are You Waiting For?

Call us at 805-452-4037 to discuss your specific needs. Or email with a short proposal.

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