Want to Partner with Us?

Still images are like billboards, nobody really looks at them. This is where Art Stream Videos comes in. We create VIDEOS from HD images for display on big (and small) screens worldwide. According to scientific studies, the human eye is attracted to movement. Plus we recall videos far more than static images. This means more people actually NOTICE and remember videos. If you partner with us, your message is far more likely to be SEEN. Plus, our images are more compelling — and frankly gorgeous — than some streaming art companies who just throw up anything on a screen and call it “art”. We curate our collection. It’s not the quantity, its the quality that matters.

Our Vision is to provide entertainment for art lovers within a highly effective advertising channel.

Our Mission is to get more people to see your works.

Admittedly we don’t yet have a pretty website. Instead we are putting our resources into developing our technology while working with a limited number of clients. Here are a few of our technical partners:

Restaurants and Hotels

We are looking to partner with leading hotels, fine restaurants, and other businesses who want to provide “eye candy” to their customers in waiting or dining areas. We insert your messages, advertisements, menus, etc. in between our art videos on our master art and photography playlist. And we provide full Roku-TV installation services in many areas.

Physical Art Galleries

With Art Stream Videos, physical art galleries get a custom channel to display only your artists — with 12, 36, or MORE videos (ask us). Online galleries can have hundreds or potentially thousands of videos.

Online Galleries

Online galleries can either monetize our service or just provide additional visibility to your clients as a free option. As with physical galleries you get your own custom channel with only your works. Of course, you can customize your OTT playlist to deliver virtually any message at whatever frequency you desire.

Under the Hood

Since we do all the work, you don’t have to worry about rendering, video compression settings, codecs, frame rates, transcoding, bit rates, matrix coefficients, etc. And we give you analytics so you can measure your success.

So What are You Waiting for?

Call us at 805-452-4037 to discuss your specific needs.