NFT Specialist – Possible Equity Opportunity

We are looking for an individual with experience in the Art NFT/Blockchain space to help focus our efforts in this area. We can offer equity to the right person. If you are interested, please call or text Steve at 805-452-4037.

Crowdfunding Specialist

We need an individual to run an art technology Crowdfunding Campaign from start to finish. You must have successfully run a rewards based crowdfunding campaign, know the pros and cons of different platforms useful for our application, and can discuss lessons learned from a past campaign. Although we have a mailing list, you should have an art social network or mailing list capable of amplifying the message. 

We offer a very high commission so your income is only determined by how much money you can raise. Contacts in the local, regional, or national creative industry will be very useful. Current or past employees of Meow Wolf will also be given special consideration. This is a part-time, remote, commission-only position. If crowdfunding goals are met, you will have the option to move to Director of Marketing. If you are interested, please call or text Steve at 805-452-4037.

Director of Marketing – 1/2 Time or Full Time – Equity Opportunity

We are looking for a person with solid (5+ yrs) Gallery Sales/ Management experience; or an academic art background (MFA) with significant social media marketing experience. We will also consider an artist or art enthusiast with a BA or MBA and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. You should have experience designing and implementing Facebook or Google advertising campaigns.

The ideal person will have familiarity with most of these applications and tools: the MS-Office Suite, Google Analytics, Vimeo, Facebook, Slack, WordPress, HTML, Video Encoding Standards, QR Codes, OTT Advertising, Apple TV, Roku, and MailChimp or other email platforms. Digital Signage and Mobile App marketing experience are added pluses. You will need to have excellent design skills and have a social following that includes the creative industry.

You must be alert for potential partnerships and joint marketing opportunities and be very responsive with all communications. Project Management experience and contacts in the investment arena are super pluses. The core team consists of the Founder, Developers, a small IT Support team, and a Roku channel development company in New York. This position is perfect for someone who wants to work remotely from CA, CO, FL, NY, or other regional art center or is local to the Santa Fe, NM area.

We offer a very significant equity opportunity in the burgeoning streaming media space to someone with the energy, passion for art, and basic technological awareness to work for a local streaming media art startup with global ambitions. In the interim, we offer very large commissions to the right person. This is a part-time, remote, commission-only, 1099 contractor position. You can keep your current job and move from part-time to full time at your own pace or stay part time. The successful candidate will have the option to transition to Vice-President of Marketing after achieving key milestones. If you are interested, please call or text Steve at 805-452-4037.

Be prepared to discuss what ideas you have to separately reach brick and mortar art gallery owners, potential corporate clients (restaurants, hotels online galleries), artists, art collectors with AppleTVs/ Roku TVs; and what channels and strategies you may have to successfully monetize our system at a price point that clearly appeals to and benefits art professionals and B2Bs. You may have read Running Lean by Ash Maurya.

Contact Us now if you are interested in joining a small art startup technology company with unlimited growth potential.