Movement attracts the human eye far more than static images. This gives a viewer far better visual engagement, so more art lovers and collectors see your works.

Motion attracts

Humans are innately attracted to movement versus static imagery. The flight of a bird, a sudden movement, the flow of water ─ all serve to focus our attention and awareness. This is likely an artifact from our evolutionary behavior. Art Stream Videos utilizes this concept to put artwork into motion.

We use the Ken Burns effect to highlight your art

Ken Burns, an American documentary director, was the first to use this effect in his ground-breaking documentaries. If you have ever watched a Ken Burns documentary you have seen the Ken Burns effect. Burns used slow panning and zooming plus fading transitions between frames to put static images into motion.

Here are some numbers
  • Videos receive 135% more organic reach than a static image, according to Social Breakers.
  • Forrester researcher Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.
  • 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad, according to the Online Publishers Association.
Stream your art on Roku

“We create a motion-based fine art ‘screensaver’ — complete with pause — so art lovers and collectors can review a specific video, get contact information, and reach out directly to you to inquire about or purchase works they see on your art video stream.”

-J. Stephen Wilson, Founder of Art Stream Videos

With the popularity of Roku-TV and other streaming media services like Vimeo, there is now a novel way to market your art gallery videos across all major screens, including TV, mobile, and laptop.

High resolutions and higher speed Wi-Fi services, including the coming rollout of true 5G, provide considerably more detail, speed, and depth of color. This allows potential art buyers to see your work on big screens in an ideal manner.

Most importantly, Art Stream Videos sends traffic to your website.

Who sees art stream videos?
  • Casual Viewers who want to display moving art on Roku HDTVs. For example in their dining room as a fine art screensaver during dinner parties. 
  • First Time Buyers, looking to buy online inexpensive originals or limited-edition prints, often for new homes
  • Art Lovers looking to buy original works;
  • Collectors looking for emerging new or established artists as an investment; and
  • Restaurant Patrons and Hotel Visitors who randomly encounter your works in restaurant dining rooms and hotel lobbies with Roku TVs. (This is a future goal).