Art Stream Videos partnered with Roku for streaming art on TVs. With well over 50 million Rokus running, you have a huge installed base to market your works. Plus, Rokus are built into most new smart TVs. With higher bandwidth connections coming, such as Tesla’s Starlink and 5G, we expect our Art Stream Videos Roku channel to be a major beneficiary in the streaming visual art category.

Active Roku accounts

Roku is the leading streaming media device, by far. Roku owners already stream a growing variety of content including Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon, etc.

COMPELLING VISUAL CONTENT. It stands to reason that you watch what you like. If science fiction, you watch more Sci-Fi. If you like art, you might want to see art on your TV – EXCEPT — there are virtually no art channels available. And it should be specifically designed to attract and engage viewers for as long as possible.

FREQUENT CONTENT CHANGE. Think about it, you come back to Netflix and Amazon TV because they add new movies and more shows every week. This means you are always coming back to discover new content. In the same way, as Art Stream Videos grows, we offer more art, which attracts more viewers, and so on.

MOVEMENT. The human eye is attracted to motion, period. This means that far more potential customers will be innately attracted to your works than with static images.

METRICS REPORTING. You would never advertise in a glossy art magazine or newspaper without knowing the circulation. And, if you advertise on Google, you expect to see analytics about your ads. Similarly, with Art Stream Videos, we provide you with viewership information in a clear format with no “friction” to get the reports. This includes number of plays, visitors, maps, and more…

CUSTOM GALLERY LINK. We provide you with a direct link to your gallery videos through our partnership with Vimeo. For example, see Gallery 21 in Carmel, CA featuring the works of Eyvind Earle. Share on social media, your website, and printed material for play on smart phones, laptops, and tablets. We separate your works from others, like an art gallery for more effective branding.

FEATURED GALLERY” SITE LINK. We include a direct link to your art gallery from our Featured Galleries page. We display your logo, name of your gallery, address, and phone number. This is offered to all Gallery Standard and Gallery Premium subscribers at no additional cost.