What is the difference?

Art Stream Videos is not an online art gallery. That is, we are not an art e-commerce platform offering extensive print on demand (POD) services. There are approximately 2 dozen new and well-established services like this, including Elephant Stock, Artsy, and Saachi that sell canvas prints in multiple sizes, framed or unframed, featuring hundreds of thousands of searchable digital prints. Shipping (and returns) are handled either by the artist or by the POD service.

For a list, please see our Online Gallery Reviews.

These leading online art retailers, with their big budgets, can offer a huge number of exciting features that you cannot hope to provide on your website. These include visualization tools showing different canvas sizes, with or without frames, different colors and types, etc. This makes it extremely easy to see if a particular work of art works well. That’s the good part.

There are some downsides to POD sites:

  • First, your brand is minimized on these platforms because your works are shown alongside other artists, often on the same page.
  • You may have quality concerns. For example, you may not really trust your online print on demand service to match your colors well.
  • Maybe you already do sell a few prints (or originals) on these services. You feel you could sell more but your works are LOST in a sea of images.

For all these reasons, online gallery sales alone do not and will not likely ever work for you, except as a small, intermittent income stream.

How does Art Stream Videos differ?

Art Stream Videos is a new and vastly different advertising channel. We provide a virtual space for art galleries to stream art as entertainment. Our top priority is to send you interested buyers. We make it easy for potential buyers to contact you directly to purchase art they see. Your works are hosted on our art channel on Roku-TVs. We also link to your website on our Featured Gallery page. Most important, we convert your static art images into videos so your works catch people’s attention.

We also provide the option to link to your POD site. So buyers can find you to purchase originals AND/OR prints from the big online galleries if you want send traffic to them.

Art Stream Videos offers a different experience than an online art gallery

Since we put your art into motion, viewers are far more engaged with your art. Each 45-second video ends with information about each work and your contact information so potential buyers can reach you directly.

You also get a custom playlist with only your videos, so your brand is better preserved and maintained. And, with Art Stream Videos you reach to a growing demographic that is already searching for and purchasing art online.

In fact, a growing percentage of people looking to see and buy art may never even set foot where the works are on display. They may never even come to the same state where they are sold. Many younger collectors are more inclined to buy entirely online.

  • Our VISION is to create the leading streaming art gallery channel available anywhere.
  • Our MISSION is to provide quality art entertainment for art lovers and a highly effective, virtual advertising channel for galleries and artists.
  • Our GOAL is to send our advertisers (you) more interested, more qualified buyers.

Its more a matter of buyers finding you

Online art sales from 2013 to 2019

According to Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2020 over $4.8 billion worth of art was purchased online in 2019. 32% was fine art.

Streaming art on Art Stream Videos is not your typical online art gallery experience. And our virtual gallery vision is backed both by technology trends and demographic trends, reaching art lovers locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now or keep reading!