Finding the best ways to market art can have you posting images all over the internet with little response. Wouldn’t it make more sense to advertise where you can selectively target the maximum number of potential buyers and using a medium that is ideal for displaying art?

Your TV — the most under utilized way to discover new art

When you purchased your TV, you probably didn’t consider it as a channel for selling your works. Whether you bought it for the big game or to watch Netflix, it can also serve as a unique way to view and buy fine art.

When you walk into the living room or the main living space of most homes, the TV is the focal point. Some spaces have fireplaces, pianos or a particular work of art as the focus. But for many homeowners a television is already front and center.

Why not turn your TV into a means of promoting art?

According to a Neilson report, the average American already sees over 5 hours of TV a day. Some watch only specific favorite shows, while others keep it on 12+ hours with essentially nothing on, except, for example, CNN with the sound off. That time with “nothing on” is the time and space to advertise your art.

How the “big screen” can help you advertise art

With the release of Roku TV and other streaming media devices, there is now a novel way to market works of art. Higher resolutions now provide considerably more detail and depth of color, and with higher speed Wi-Fi services, these trends allow more potential buyers to view works of art.

And when combined with movement, videos represent a compelling marketing tool for those with Roku enabled TVs. In effect, Art Stream Videos provides a free virtual art gallery in the home or place of business. Since we also provide contact information, buyers can contact Galleries or Artists directly to purchase works they see on screen.

Here’s something else to consider. 80% of users recall a video ad they saw within the last 30 days. Video marketing stays in your customer’s minds a lot more than a static image.

Partner with Art Stream Videos

Art Stream Videos is a unique marketing service that works with artists and art galleries to convert high definition images of fine art into videos for display on HDTVs through the power of Roku.  This is perfect for your video marketing strategy as it increases your reach directly to those who are most inclined to buy art.

TV viewers, especially in the United States, are dropping overpriced cable subscriptions at an unprecedented rate in favor of streaming media services. Roku, as the leading platform to deliver streaming media, is now poised to become a leading venue for marketing works of art.

With over 29 million Roku owners, as of February 2019, we turn HDTVs into a motion based fine art “screensaver” — complete with Pause — so viewers can stop a specific video and get contact information and reach out directly to the advertising Gallery or Artist.

What are the steps to getting your image on Art Stream Videos?

  1. Sign up and upload your images. Provide information about each work and your contact information.
  2. We create 45-second movies from each HD image. Each video traces a custom motion path that pans and zooms in way that compliments each work. Information about each work and your contact info is visible on each video.
  3. Finally, we post your videos on our Roku channel, Art Stream Videos.

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a gallery owner/ manager, or an independent artist, our unique channel targets only those with an interest in viewing, purchasing or advertising fine art and photography.

And with local, regional, national and international reach, Art Stream Videos is poised to become a leading channel worldwide for viewing and finding art.