Every artist wants as many people as possible to see their work. But how do they reach the largest number of interested buyers at the least possible cost?

A new art channel on Roku TV

Although traditional advertising such as print media and online galleries allow artists to get their works in front of potential buyers, we are new art channel on Roku — Art Stream Videos.

Many (or most) artists already create their own websites, post their work on social media or online galleries, and exhibit in local, regional, and possibly national art shows. Galleries pay to advertise in print publications to help bring in foot traffic and introduce new artists.

Why Art Stream Videos?

Unfortunately, many Americans are so busy they have significantly less time to seek out works of art for purchase. The National Endowment for the Arts reports: “As of 2012, only 33 percent of adult Americans attended one of the following art venues – classical music, jazz, opera, theater, ballet or visits to an art museum or gallery. That is down from 39 percent 10 years ago.”

When millennials and younger baby boomers, do have time they are typically focused more on smartphones than anything else. They might not even pick up an art magazine, let alone visit a gallery. Beyond social media and websites, where else can art sellers get their work in front of more people, particularly younger buyers?

There has been a revolution in big screen televisions.


HDTVs are already installed in millions of households, are capable of rendering higher levels of detail and contrast, and many are already equipped with streaming media devices built-in. The leading streaming media device is Roku TV.

Rokus are available for $100 at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and elsewhere. They cost nothing to own (no monthly fee). All you need is a wireless Internet connection and an HDMI cable. Over 29 million Rokus have now been sold nationally. With Roku, people enjoy hundreds of popular channels such as Netflix, the Disney Channel, and HULU.

Roku and Art Stream Videos have teamed up to bring samples of digital artwork directly into the homes of art lovers.

Art lovers can now view our Art Stream Videos channel on Roku, contact participating Galleries and Artists directly, and purchase the artwork they love.

HDTVs can now supplement art galleries, and artists or gallery owners can now stream their artwork directly into homes and other locations. Art Stream Videos bridges the gap between entertainment and advertising by displaying works of fine art in 45-second videos.

Each video pans across the image and zooms into points of interest using the “Ken Burns Effect.” Contact information for the seller (phone number or email address) is presented in the last 12 seconds of the video. And the videos play automatically.

Soon we will support QR codes that link viewers directly to the gallery or artist’s online buy site via their smart phones. Or, a potential buyer can call or email the gallery to inquire on the availability of the original work or limited edition print.

All works presented on Art Stream Videos are fully vetted. The end result is a stream of high quality fine art and photography for enjoyment during dinner parties and other gatherings high quality, background video entertainment.

Contact us if you may be interested in our service. Or, find us on Roku and enjoy Art Stream Videos.

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