Traditional advertising can work together with Art Stream Videos

Is this you? Your gallery website looks great, you have a strong social media presence, and you have a newsletter to stay connected with a circle of buyers. You may advertise in at least one expensive, glossy art publication and in a few local periodicals

Are you advertising in expensive, glossy art publication?

Gallery owners are being slowly squeezed by declining revenue and ongoing pressure to promote their work. This is due to increased competition from the Internet, aging of a segment of the art collecting population, and other factors. Many artists, especially photographers, are making significantly less money than they were a decade ago or less. That is, you are up against the perfect storm of less gallery foot traffic (which actually started before COVID-19), changing buyer demographics, and a growing, online marketplace that is not currently working for you.

Furthermore, you are not having any success selling directly from your website. Add the uncertainties of a continued pandemic, and the result is that your sales are plummeting


Maybe the solution is to FINE TUNE your digital marketing approach

As an art professional, you know art collectors need to see your art before purchasing. No one will buy art unless they know about it.

Our Roku art streaming platform provides a novel, leading edge art marketing channel with a worldwide audience to a potential market of 52 million installed Roku devices. We highlights your works in ways that visually appeal to potential buyers in ways that far surpass traditional art advertisements.

Expand your market reach through our Roku art streaming platform

More than likely you are already watching TV shows or movies on streaming media services like Roku, YouTube, or Vimeo. If so, you are already using the same streaming platforms we use to market your artworks and photographs.

Our goal is to send more interested, more qualified buyers. Since more people can potentially see your art, you can significantly expand your potential market reach. And, since your art videos are visible on multiple devices you can market your art to anyone with a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

 Art Stream Videos

But what does our Roku art streaming platform do better than you can do yourself? 

We create and display videos of your art on our art streaming platform. And we give you your own custom art channel, so your works are branded, without other works visible besides yours. 

Then we display your custom channel on Roku-TVs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops as a streaming art gallery. Each short video ends with contact information and data about each work.

You can download your individual videos and market your streaming art channel on social media, as you please.

How you can start streaming art on Roku

It’s simple! Just register on our site and upload HD images of each work. Provide the name of the artist or photographer, a description that includes the title, medium, and size; and your contact information (gallery name, location, URL, and telephone number).

Then, we do the rest.

Each video pans across and zooms into points of interest. The last 10 seconds display the information you provide.

The result is an exceptionally compelling custom video art gallery that you can manage, brand, and market yourself on smartphones and laptops — while we display your works to art lovers regionally, nationally, and internationally.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started with our art streaming platform

We are offering some Gallery PREMIUM features to our Gallery STANDARD subscribers (and additional shorter-term incentives) for being early adopters.